About us


„Wall Newspapers” is a form of an informative art media that considers different social issues from the leftist perspective. The main goal of the „Wall newspapers” is to increase the visibility of the contents that critically assess the processes of neo-liberal capitalism, by producing sharp-cut texts and illustrations. We’ve perceived the form of a wall newspapers as a way of intervening in public space, that would have a a greater effect on a broader public. „Wall Newspaper” was initiated in 2013 by the Association KURS , during the campaign „Culture on strike” (Kultura u protestu) which was organised by the Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia.

„Wall Newspaper” is being distributed in a few cities in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.


Publisher: Udruženje Kreativno usmereno rešavanje situacije (KURS), Đorđa Lobačeva 7, Beograd;
kurs.org@gmail.com; www.udruzenjekurs.org
Redaction: Miloš Miletić, Mirjana Radovanović
Proofreading: Stanislava Mijić
Artworks: KURS
Translation: Tamara Naunović

Printed edition:

Printing shop: Strandard2, Belgrade
ISSN 2406-1174 = Zidne novine (Udruženje KURS)
COBISS.SR-ID 210632972